This month at Chute has been jam-packed with new launches, and we’re excited to share many of them with you! Today, we’re highlighting Ann Taylor, who is currently using Chute to promote the launch of their new LBD (Little Black Dress) collection with Kate Hudson.


First, there’s the home page gallery, which draws people into the main gallery, showcasing customers from Twitter and Instagram modeling Ann Taylor dresses and accessories under the little black dress theme. In the gallery, people can view and vote on their favorite photos – all sourced through our hashtag collection and approved for display through Chute Rights.

And of course the Chute team had to get in on the fun! We headed to our own Ann Taylor in San Francisco to try on the new line and share our own #LittleBlackDressed photo.

You can check out the full gallery here, and if you’re interested in learning more about Chute’s work with retailers, check out our Commerce page and request a demo.

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With the launch of our latest campaign with Teen Vogue and Keds–a 20-day photo contest–we couldn’t help but get in on the photo challenge fun. Such challenges are already very popular on Instagram because they offer a great opportunity to engage and grow your audience while also generating fun, relevant content around your brand. Below, you’ll find 3 tips for creating your own awesome photo challenge!

1. Choose a theme

Think about the end-goal of your challenge: do you want to create a more appealing brand image? Promote your company at an event like SXSW? Build hype around a specific product? Once you isolate that, decide on your theme and create daily tasks. With a little bit of design work, create an Instagram-sized graphic that details all the tasks along with the hashtag that users will use to participate. This way it’s easy for you to share this through your Instagram account as well as for others to re-gram it themselves.

For example, say Nike wanted to run a 30-day challenge; the content would be inspired by the company’s story or promoted lifestyle. Since Nike promotes an active lifestyle with their famous “Just Do It” motto, the campaign itself would embody this narrative of people setting, striving, and achieving such goals with the Nike brand. Daily tasks could include a video from your daily run, current workout jam, favorite workout shoes, and a post-workout snack.

2. Test it Out

Once you have your list of daily challenges, make sure that these tasks are realistic. Brainstorm a possible photo you would take for each one, if you’re unable to figure out an image to capture for each task, how can you expect anyone else to?

Next, ask a few close, trustworthy individuals to go over the list to highlight any feasible concerns and create a quick list of photos for each task. A fresh eye will give you a better idea of how the community will take to the challenge.

3. Involve the Community

Tease your audience with the daily challenge before the official launch: provide the graphic you created so others can spread the news through their social accounts and reach out to some of your own brand ambassadors for participation. The community is responsible for the success of your campaign, so it’s important to engage them early and as personally as possible.

The great thing about these types of campaigns is that they aren’t limited only to Instagram; virtually any social media platform can be used–from Vine to Facebook to YouTube.

What would your 30-day photo challenge look like? Let us know on Twitter at @getchute or in the comments below!

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#HonorYourMom by saving a life with Samahope

"What Chute is enabling is for donors to share a personal connection between the people and their own moms."


Millions of people across the globe are living each day with treatable medical conditions because they can’t afford the price of the procedures. Samahope is offering a crowdfunding solution. The organization connects donors with people seeking surgeries and a way to make a huge impact for only a few dollars. Now, they’re using Chute in their latest campaign to do that while also honoring moms.

#HonorYourMom gives you the ability to upload a photo of you and your mom, add a memory or anecdote about her, and share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. When you pledge a donation for a critical surgery for a mom in need in your mother’s name she’ll receive a card in the mail. It’s the perfect way to show your mom how special she is while also honoring all mothers around the world.

We recently interviewed the Samahope team – co-founder Shivani, Shawn – co-founder and part of the technical team, and Eric who is heading up #HonorYourMom on the tech side to learn about the campaign, the future for the organization, and how they’re using visuals to inspire people to give.

1. What sparked the idea for the #HonorYourMom campaign?

Shivani: During a discussion with one of our advisors, he suggested that Samahope do a Mother’s Day campaign. The team then had a brainstorming session, and we developed #HonorYourMom so that we can honor the moms in our lives, while changing the lives of other moms in need. We wanted it to have a social edge, hence the idea of the photos + dedication.

2. What are some of the surgeries and who are some of the patients that the #HonorYourMom funds will go towards?

Shivani: Donations made via #HonorYourMom will provide a safe birth or critical surgical care for a mother in need. This includes comprehensive prenatal care (including essential vitamins), a birth kit, and a trained “foot soldier” who can attend the birth. In costlier cases, women must travel for days to a medical center, often arrive malnourished, and, in the worst situation, may require an obstetric or vaginal fistula surgery.

One of our patients, is Tashi. Tashi is 30 years old, and from Saldang, which is in the Upper Dolpa district of Nepal where until recently there were no functional birthing centers. For $50, One Heart World-Wide can provide a safe-birth to a mother-to-be like Tashi by providing a trained “foot soldier” to attend the pregnancy and birth, pre-natal supplements, and a clean birth kit (includes soap, baby blanket and hat, and other supplies to minimize risk of infection).

3. Photos play such an integral role in both this campaign and your website in general. Can you discuss the role of user-generated and visual content in the charity and non-profit sphere?
Shivani: Photos help us tell stories, they help us connect to one another. The photos of our patients literally add a face to what may otherwise be seen as yet another statistic, they help us paint a fuller picture of these women. These women are people who struggle, but who are also much more than their struggle. They have aspirations for an active and fulfilled life after they are able to receive the medical care they need.

And at the same time, the photos on #HonorYourMom of campaigners and their mothers bring in a connection through nostalgia. They allow us to put ourselves in that person’s shoes momentarily; they make us think of our many mothers and mentors and in turn, the importance of supporting all mothers worldwide.

Eric: The interesting thing in my humble opinion about what we’re doing different here is that we already have patient images — what Chute is enabling is for donors to share a personal connection between the people and their own moms. More personal, more engaging, more viral.

Shawn: The personal photos are all about activating our network to spread awareness for these life changing medical  treatments.

4. What are your goals for this campaign and Samahope in general?

Shivani: Our ultimate goal for Samahope is to reach 1 million medical treatments, which we hope to do in the next 5 to 10 years. Campaigns like #HonorYourMom are the steps we are taking to get there.

Shawn: For the campaign, our goal is to make Mom’s smile across the globe. And to share the love sons and daughters have for their Mom’s with those who may not have the same support.

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A Real-World Visual Revolution

February 15, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

Online engagement at live events can be a challenge for event planners. How do you encourage an audience to create online content during an event without losing their attention or excitement? That’s where Chute Live comes in.

As reported in TechCrunch this morning, Chute Live gives you real-time photo aggregation tools that can be displayed live – turning your online engagement campaign into another level of entertainment for the audience. All people need to do to add photos to your Chute is snap a photo and share it on Twitter or Instagram with your unique hashtag. This expands your audience to all the friends and followers of each person who posts, potentially reaching tens of thousands of new people. It also extends the conversation after the event has ended by having a place online where users can go back and see all the photos that were shared that evening.

Currently, Chute Live is being used during this weekend’s NBA All Star event on a large interactive touchscreen, along with an online .gif and live photo gallery from NBA players and photographers. The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas is also using it for their #PopUpWedding chapel, and guests can see their photos on a screen facing the Strip and throughout the Cosmopolitan’s chapel.


Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.05.37 PM

Online engagement doesn’t have to only occur online. Utilizing it live gives users a tactile product for the digital content they create and share and  gives the audience the immediate satisfaction of seeing their photo being broadcast. It’s simple, instant, visually engaging, and increases the online hype surrounding the event.

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Creating the Vanity Fair Best-Dressed Challenge

January 31, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

Every year, Vanity Fair compiles the International Best Dressed List. The list has included names like Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton, and now it can include you. The International Best Dressed Challenge, powered by Chute, allows users to either directly upload photos or tag them with #vfbestdressed on Twitter and Instagram to enter the contest. You can pick your favorite looks in the gallery and also filter it by most popular, username, and editor’s picks. Users are able to share individual photos on a variety of social media platforms, and advertisements fit in seamlessly.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 5.58.55 PM

Vanity Fair worked with Chute to develop and design this fully customized platform for their site, but generating photos and enabling interaction is simple to do within Chute. After receiving an account to, you are able to go in and create your own Chutes. Then, you can set how you collect photos – from the social stream, direct upload, or both. Customers can create a personalized tag – like Vanity Fair did with #vfbestdressed.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.08.38 PM

Any photo uploaded to Twitter or Instagram with your tracked hashtags will be uploaded in real-time to your Chute. You can choose to moderate the photos before they go live or after, pick out only select photos to display, and select which layout you prefer. Customization and deployment is made simple with Chute, the most powerful and flexible platform for utilizing user-generated content.

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Inauguration 2013 with Chute and NBC News

January 21, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

For the second Inauguration of President Obama, NBC News is partnering with Chute to create a social gallery that allows anyone to be a part of the historic event. The gallery features photos from both NBC staff and users who Tweet or post to Instagram with the #NBCPolitics hashtag.

MSNBC also got in on visual storytelling at the Inauguration with the Chute app for their staff and also by tracking the #msnbc hashtag

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 11.54.13 AM

You can filter the photos based on any location in the US to see how people around the country are celebrating – from the White House to Hawaii. The photos update live and are  easy to share on a variety of platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Not only are the social galleries empowering for consumers, but it is also allowing NBC and MSNBC to engage audiences and create brand advocates out of any user who utilizes their hashtag. By recognizing the importance of the visual revolution and online media, these two media outlets are building an active community and audience. The visual revolution is happening, and you can join by contacting Chute.

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National Geographic Lets You #framewhatmatters

January 17, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

On January 13, 1888 – 125 years ago – 33 of the world’s top explorers and scientists gathered together to create the National Geographic Society with the goal of increasing geographical knowledge. A few months later they published the first issue of the renowned National Geographic magazine.

However, it wasn’t until January of 1905 that they saw their membership soar – thanks to a new emphasis on photography. Over one hundred years later, they are still educating and engaging members through photography, video, and stories collected around the world. National Geographic does not shy away when it comes to embracing the visual revolution. With one of the most prominent Instagram accounts, they understand the power of images when interacting with their community and engaging new users.

From January 1905 National Geographic
Photo by Dr. Joseph F. Rock

Now, you have the opportunity to show National Geographic what is important in your life. Through their Frame What Matters campaign, powered by Chute, you become the explorer by putting the publication’s iconic yellow border around moments, places, and people that matter to you. Then, share those images with the #framewhatmatters tag and see them added in real time to, where you can also view the photos submitted by other users.

Every person with a phone has the ability to be a historian, journalist, and explorer, and the #framewhatmatters campaign gives users the opportunity to take part in the history and future of National Geographic.

The visual revolution is growing, and we can help you harness its power too.

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Lucky Mag Hosts 2-Day Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) Conference

September 5, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

Lucky Mag’s first-ever two-day Fashion and Beauty Blogger (FABB) Conference is taking place right now at Times center in NYC and we’re collecting photos from the event.

Presented by P&G beauty & grooming, the FABB conference is the first blogger event of its kind, curating an elite group of digital fashion, beauty, technology and celebrity leaders along with influential advertisers to the blogger community.

Keynotes speakers at the event include: Terry Lundgren, Chairman, President and CEO of Macy’s, Inc., designer and stylist Rachel Zoe, author and fashion designer Lauren Conrad, and the first day will close with an in-depth conversation between Simon Doonan, Brand Ambassador of Barneys New York, and fashion designer Anna Sui.

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Flo Rida, #Only1FloTODAY

Flo Rida turned in an electrifying performance at the plaza as part of the annual Toyota Summer Concert Series on NBC’s TODAY. Check out the stream of fan photos right here.

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Maroon 5, #Maroon5TODAY

Thousands of fans packed the plaza when Maroon 5 sang their hits on TODAY. Maroon 5 performed as part of the Toyota Summer Concert Series. Check out the stream of photos right here.

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