Front Lines of the Visual Revolution

February 13, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

A model with a taco walks into a blizzard… and lands on this week’s Front Lines of the Visual Revolution. Here’s the rundown of the three publishers and brands doing amazing work in visual content creation and social interaction this week.

1. The Future of the Fashion Show

Most brands today have live-streams of their Fashion Week runway shows, but that’s where the social interaction and online content ends. Topshop has partnered with Google+ to revolutionize the user experience during their London Fashion Week show on Feb. 17. Topshop models Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne are keeping users posted on their lives leading up to the event  through their G+ pages. Thanks to micro HD cameras, viewers will be able to see the show from multiple perpectives such as the model walking the runway, the fashion editor in the front row, or even the designer preparing backstage. They’ll also be able to put together their own collections with the clothes featured on the runway. It’s a fully interactive experience and Topshop’s audience can now be a part of the event on a more intimate level.

2. StormGrams


As soon as the word was out that a blizzard called Nemo would be hitting the East Coast, NBC News worked with Chute to develop and release a new StormGrams map devoted to the storm. The map showed photos from people in the Northeast experiencing the storm in real time. With geotagging, users were able to focus in on specific areas and follow the story on both a local and national level.

Technology has democratized the media and gives audiences a much more powerful voice. This is the beginning of the future of storytelling – local, visual, and instant.

3. Taco Bell

Taco Bell has been pretty innovative in its use of social media and user-generated content. So, when announcing the much-anticipated Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco, of course they took to the latest visual social tool – Vine.

The marketing campaign for this new menu item is apparently going to be the biggest marketing campaign in their history. We’re excited to see how social and user-generated content plays a part.

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