Front Lines of the Visual Revolution

February 6, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

Every Wednesday, we select three companies that exemplify the Visual Revolution. What do you think of this week’s choices and who do you think should be featured next week?

1. Expedia

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Expedia’s Find Yours campaign took off last fall with a series of moving travel-themed videos. Now, the company is giving users the chance to tell their own personal story with the Find Your Story Facebook application. Users select the starting and end point of their journey, what they “found” on the trip, 10 photos from Facebook or Instagram, a filter for the video, and music. The app creates a more personalized experience in the documentation process and lets Expedia be a part of that experience.

2. IBM

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Tumblr may not seem like the obvious choice for IBM. However, IBM, with marketing firm Ogilvy, has come up with a creative way to make the platform work for them. Their Tumblr, or IBMblr, serves as a celebration of innovation. This is something IBM is well-versed in, with having the most patents over the past 20 years. The page features visual and informative content such as illustrations, GIFs, and videos.

3. Chrysler

A photograph can hold a lot of power – capturing a moment, feeling, or thought frozen in time. During the Super Bowl, Chrysler’s Dodge Ram ad featured only photos along with audio from radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s famous “God Made a Farmer” speech. The images featured moments from farmers’ daily lives, and it was a recreation of a video from This commercial was the kick-off to Chrysler’s Year of the Farmer campaign for 2013, and the slideshow was met with an overwhelmingly positive response on Twitter, according to ABC News.

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  1. Ken Wilson

    I love your Front Lines of the Visual Revolution series, Monica. Timely, informative and… best of all… lots of great visual imagery and ideas. I’m recommending this post to our readers over at the SmartDraw blog. Cheers!

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