Thanksgiving Week in the Visual Revolution

November 29, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

We’re passionate about the Visual Revolution here at Chute. No longer a pre-meditated activity, people are returning to visual storytelling as they instantly share photos of their experiences on services like Instagram and Twitter at an increasing rate. Thanksgiving day set records for Instagram as people shared over 10 million photos, peaking at the rate of over 200 a second.

These photos combine to tell visual stories that we can collect and curate as they happen, effectively harnessing this visual revolution and we’re going to start showcasing some of  the top visual stories.

Thanksgiving was the big theme in visual storytelling this week as we tracked a number of stories in relation to the holiday.

Thanksgiving Day was a perfect storm for visual sharing.  When you combine family and friends and lots of food, you can bet there’s going to be a lot of picture sharing going on. Add the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and its giant inflatable balloons into the mix, and you have the ingredients for some great visual storytelling.

Besides food, family, friends, football and parades with floating balloons, Thanksgiving weekend is also known as the kickoff for the holiday shopping season. We saw people line up outside stores for crazy deals on Black Friday, support local businesses on Small Business Saturday and then hunt down online deals on Cyber Monday.

That’s a wrap for this week. The visual revolution is growing and its here to stay. What are you doing to harness it? Contact us, we’d love to show you how.

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Post-Hurricane Sandy Citizen Photo Journalism Transcends the Traditional News Cycle

November 21, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

It’s been almost a month since Hurricane Sandy swept through the Northeast region of the US causing widespread damage.  The storm was big news for a few days, but with the presidential election coming the week after, it became old news and was eventually pushed out of the mainstream news cycle.

Since we powered Stormgrams to tap into the citizen journalism coverage of the storm, we were able to see that the visual story is still being told through photos from those in the affected areas. The photos show extensive lasting damage, but also show the resiliency and human spirit as residents and volunteers conduct ongoing relief, cleanup and rebuilding efforts; giving us a fascinating first-hand perspective of what it’s like to live in the aftermath of a storm like Sandy.

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving this week, we thought it would be a good opportunity to give thanks for what we have and help those in need.

If you’d like to help contribute to the recovery effort, we suggest donating to the Red Cross. Financial donations make the greatest and most immediate impact, helping the Red Cross provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by disasters like Hurricane Sandy.


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Watching a Total Solar Eclipse From Halfway Around the World

November 19, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

Australia was recently treated to its first total solar eclipse in a decade and the last eclipse of its kind that humans will see for a while since the next total solar eclipse won’t happen until March 2015.

Since we didn’t get to take part in any of the fun here in the Bay Area, we tracked the visual story on Twitter and Instagram and picked a few of the best photos for the display below.

Best of the Australian Total Solar Eclipse Photos

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The Visual Story (& Some Stats) from the 2012 NAR Annual Confrerence & Expo

November 15, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

Each November, the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the largest trade association in the world, puts on their annual REALTORS® Conference. This year, the conference attracted an estimated 20,000 real estate professionals to Orlando to take part  in the educational sessions and massive expo hall during the day and hit the town at night.

Using SlideChute to track the #NARAnnual,#rebcnar, and #narlando hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, we ended up collecting 726 photos from the event from 261 unique users. From that pool of photos, I went through and picked a few of the best for the display below.

Another cool feature of SlideChute to note is that this display in easily embeddable. If you’d like to use it on your site, here’s both iFrame and JavaScript code that will allow you to embed the display, use whichever you prefer.


<iframe src=”″ style=”border:1px solid #666″ scrolling=”no” height=”300″ width=”500″></iframe>


<script src=”//” type=”text/javascript”></script><noscript>[<a href="" target="_blank">View the widget on SlideChute</a>]</noscript>


Best of 2012 NAR Annual Conference & Expo Photos

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The Return to Visual Story Telling

November 13, 2012 Add Comment Dylan Boyd

It dawned on me that we have actually returned to where humankind does their best storytelling. From the early days, cave men used images and pictures to tell stories. We actually return back today to images and these stories created in this medium to help us process what occurred. As we evolved, we created words and languages which we used to write down these stories to pass on to other generations. With the explosion of cameras and mobile devices we are again turning to the use of images to drive and communicate an experience to those that could not be there in that exact place and time in order to share the story.

There are now more than 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide. This is a mind boggling number of devices in the hands of people like you that are literally now historians. We are seeing people document everything from food to moments of happiness to moments of despair and unrest. Everything we can now see we can share. Instantly. With anyone in the world with access to the internet. It’s something that you might take for granted now in your daily search across the web, but to me it is amazing. It is bringing us all to another level or instantaneous awareness that is giving us comfort, helping us to understand, witness and take action.

It has been a long time since I have found a consumer facing technology that makes so much sense that it excited me. But what has been missing is a way to collective, curate and display it anywhere we want to share it. This is why the technology that the team at Chute has created is not just allowing me to share these collective moments with those I care about, but also making the discovery of these things so much easier for me.

Truth be known, I am a bit of a photo taking addict. And I am going to assume you are as well if you are reading this. Or at least you care about how stories can help you, your brand, your publishing company to have the ability that for so long was stuck in the search function of a browser or the photo submission process to major media outlets. In the past few months of creating my own Chutes with SlideChute and I have been able to learn more about things I am passionate about, experience the views of people in my own community or events I am at (or not able to attend) and easily share them with those that share similar interests.

And this is important. Why? Well with some many photos being created each and every second there is not easy way to discover and consume these experiences easily. And as someone that values the power of visually storytelling this is only going to allow us to accelerate our own abilities to help others become active participants in things that bring us closer together.

Here are a few SlideChute displays that I am actively curating that I hope you enjoy.

Content 2012 – Ace Hotel PDX
Life in Portland, Oregon
Orange October (SF Giants)
PDX PIE Demo Day
PDX Digital Experience/Music Fest NW
Feast PDX

I leave you with this: If you have the ability to leverage the collective power of a global society and bring people closer to the feeling and the experience – what would you Chute?

flickr photo credit: Philip C

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The Stats Behind 2012 Election Night’s Visual Story

November 8, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

2012 Election Night marked the arrival of Instagram as a of mass-scale photo reporting tool as citizens shared their experience through photos posted on the service, giving us fascinating visual insight into the process.

In order to harness this explosion in citizen journalism, NBC News used a site that we powered called ElectionGrams to collect and showcase Instagram photos with the hashtag #NBCPolitics.

Ryan Osborn, Senior Director, Digital Media at NBC News tells us that, “As big news happens people sharing images to social networks is a behavior that continues to grow. Working with a solution like Chute, NBC News has been able to discover  and surface images faster than ever before.”

We dug into the stats behind the photos that told the visual story on ElectionGrams and here’s what we found:

  • The peak photo collection time was when 16,404 photos were collected between 11:30pm and 12 Midnight Eastern time. This was the peak for both #Obama (7829) and #Romney (2399) photos. NBC News projected the Obama victory at 11:12pm Eastern.
  • Obama supporters embraced social photo sharing by a good margin over Romney’s. The ratio of images tagged with #Obama to those tagged #Romney bounced between 2-3 to 1 for most of the day until Obama was projected as the winner.
  • After Obama was declared the winner the ratio rose and broke above 3 to 1 and kept rising until settling into a range between a 6-8 to 1 ratio.
  • For the total time period between 1:30pm Eastern on Tuesday to 4:00pm on Wednesday, the overall ratio of Obama to Romney photos was 3.26 to 1 (247,893 for Obama to 76,002 for Romney).
  • California had the highest total of any of the states for a half hour block returning 931 photos between 11:30pm and 12:00 midnight eastern.


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See Chute Media Galleries in Action on the #iVoted Media Gallery

November 8, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

Echo just released a sneak preview of Chute Media Galleries, their latest Echo enabled app and you can see it live in action on their  #iVoted Media Gallery.  The gallery showcases a real-time stream of photos posted to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #iVoted.

On their blog, they shared some stats for the display.

Starting at 12:00am ET on November 6 until 2:00am ET/10:00pm PT this morning when the West Coast polls closed, the #ivoted hashtag has been used 106.6K times on Twitter, resulting in 289M impressions. The tweets came from 43% men and 57% women.

Not surprisingly, most of the tweets came from California and New York, with the vast majority of users being youth. Broken down by State, this equates to:

  • California – 17.4%
  • New York – 10.2%
  • Texas – 5.7%
  • Florida – 4.9%
  • Virginia – 3.9%
  • Pennsylvania – 3.5%
  • Illinois – 3.1%
  • Ohio – 3.1%
  • OTHER – 48.2%

Photos are still streaming in at a rate of 5 photos per minute. As of this morning, 103,020 photos have been posted to Instagram with the hashtag #iVoted, although most of those were posted to both social networks simultaneously.

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