Create Custom Page URLs for SlideChute Displays

August 31, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

You asked for it and we’re happy to announce that you can now create custom URLs for your SlideChute displays.

That means that now instead of having SlideChute display pages with URLs like, you can now customize them to whatever you like.

To do this, go to the SlideChute display menu, click on the ‘Host Page’ tab and fill in the page slug field with what you’d like it to be.

Then click save and voila, your custom URL slug is now live!

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Fighting Boredom While Riding Out Hurricane Issac

August 30, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

We were busy collecting live crowdsourced photos as Issac, the hurricane-turned-tropical-storm left a path of destruction as passed through the Northern Gulf States.

For this post, instead of focusing on the damage and flooding that the storm inflicted on the area we decided to show you how some residents passed the time while riding out the storm. (You can still check out the full unfiltered display here.)

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Experience Burning Man 2012 Through the Lens of Burnersourced Photos

August 28, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

This week, a record crowd of over 60K people will descend upon Nevada’s Black Rock desert for the 26th Burning Man where they’ll take part in the annual practice of radical self-expression and radical self-reliance.

They say that “trying to explain what Burning Man is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind.*” so we’re hoping the photos from this year’s attendees, otherwise known as ‘Burners’, will help showcase a bit of what it’s like on the playa.

Here’s the entire collection photos from the event displayed in real time.

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The Visual Revolution in Concert Fan Photogrpahy

August 17, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

10 years ago I got thrown out of a concert for taking a photo with a disposable camera.

This week I built displays highlighting amazing photos taken and uploaded by fans at concerts with their smartphones.

Phish 8/15/2012 Long Beach Arena

This morning I watched video highlights from one of those shows, shot by a fan in the audience.

If I had told you 10 years ago that the most popular camera would be a phone, you’d think I was crazy, but now it’s a reality.

Always connected, high quality camera phones are fueling the visual revolution and changing our behavior in the process. While looking through hundreds of concert photos i was once again reminded of how true this was.

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The Visual Revolution Is Upon Us

10% of all the photos ever taken were taken in just the last year. Every second, more than 4000 photos hit Flickr’s servers.  Another staggering 250 million land at Facebook per day. This is not a fluke – it’s the beginning of a brand new revolution.

Photos have played an important role in our lives and history since their creation. From the purely empircal uses in science and commerce on through the political and social experiences they’ve preserved, it’s hard to imagine what our world would be like today without photography. Photos are critical to the way we see and interact with the world.

So what’s changed? Until recently, photography was a pre-meditated activity. We had to make preparations to capture great photos, assuming we even had to tools and skills to do so. Fast forward to today, and we’re always-armed with a state-of-the digital camera. Most importantly, our cameras are now not just better tools, they’re connected devices.

This has huge implications for basically everything. The entire landscape is ready to be either re-invented or completely disrupted in a new, visually rich way. Almost any site, app or service you interact with today primarily through text and clicks will be upgraded or transformed with media and touch.

We’re excited at what’s coming next. We’re excited to help power the next great wave of creativity.

What will your role be in the revolution?

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Are you ready for Outside Lands?

This weekend in San Francisco is going to be a blast!   Check out fan photos in real time all weekend long.

Tweet or Instagram any of your own photo with the tag #OutsideLands2012 and view the complete gallery here: (click on a photo to enlarge)


Update:  Outside Lands was a huge success, with over 60k people attending each day while we collected and curated the photos. Click here to check out our Outside Lands 2012 recap page.

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categories: SlideChute Serves Its 10 Millionth Avatar!

August 10, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

After officially launching just over a week ago, we’re happy to announce that just served its 10 millionth avatar and continues to grow at a fast pace.

We’re now serving 500k avatars a day and more than 500 developers have signed up to start using the service.  In order to resolve avatars as quickly as possible, we’ve added 25 new servers. provides developers with components for iOS, Android and Javascript (no server needed). In a couple of minutes, anyone can be accepting custom or social avatars. supports custom uploads, social avatars from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as well as support for Gravatar, an email-based avatar service. Displaying is even easier, it just requires a specially formatted URL.

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Announcing Chute’s Media Chooser Web Component

We are excited to announce our newest web component, the  Media Chooser.  The Media Chooser enables any developer to quickly and easily add photos to their application with just a single line of code.

With the Media Chooser, developers can have users upload photos directly from their computer or import them from leading online photo services like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and more.  Additional services are already being worked on to give even broader access to the media consumers have stored online.

The Media Chooser provides developers with a complete media solution, powered by the Chute platform.  Chute provides developers with the hosting and processing they need to make their app successful.  Already, the Media Chooser is in use at leading sites and companies such as,, Lucky Magazine and many more.

Use of the Media Chooser is free during the Chute Beta and will offer a generous, free tier to all developers.

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