This month at Chute has been jam-packed with new launches, and we’re excited to share many of them with you! Today, we’re highlighting Ann Taylor, who is currently using Chute to promote the launch of their new LBD (Little Black Dress) collection with Kate Hudson.


First, there’s the home page gallery, which draws people into the main gallery, showcasing customers from Twitter and Instagram modeling Ann Taylor dresses and accessories under the little black dress theme. In the gallery, people can view and vote on their favorite photos – all sourced through our hashtag collection and approved for display through Chute Rights.

And of course the Chute team had to get in on the fun! We headed to our own Ann Taylor in San Francisco to try on the new line and share our own #LittleBlackDressed photo.

You can check out the full gallery here, and if you’re interested in learning more about Chute’s work with retailers, check out our Commerce page and request a demo.

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Striking a balance between personal and professional can be a challenge for any brand marketer. For a political marketer, it’s a way of life. The challenges politicians face when it comes to building trust and awareness through social and visual media parallel the same many brands and publishers face.

At the Visual Revolution Summit, Matt Ipcar (SVP Strategy and Design, Blue State Digital) and Katie Harbath (Global Lead for Politics & Government Engagement, Facebook) were lead in a discussion by AdWeek’s Mike Shields on how they’re both addressing new technology and the changes in communication.

Watch the video above to get the story behind the famous post-presidential win photo from Obama’s Twitter and to hear how politicians are addressing the need for more authentic visual content.

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Visual Word of Mouth Advertising

The successes, the changes, and the legalities

User-generated content has become a hot commodity among brands looking for authentic content to build buzz and trust and for publishers seeking to tell broader stories. At the Visual Revolution Summit, Josh Sternberg (Digiday) lead a discussion with Vejay Lalla (Partner, D&G), David Berkowitz (CMO, MRY), and Marc Wendell (Product Manager, PicScout) to discuss how user-generated content can be used effectively, efficiently and legally.

Learn more about the Visual Revolution here, and discover how Chute helps brands solve the UGC consent conundrum here.

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April 14, 2014 Add Comment Jay Park

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. While Twitter took over a year to reach 1 million users, Instagram achieved that feat in merely two months. Currently touting over 200 million monthly users and 20 billion photos uploaded, the visual media platform is also becoming a powerful marketing tool for brands.

Check out our top 10 facts about Instagram below! Some of them might surprise you.

Most popular day for Fortune 500 brands to post on Instagram is Thursday. (Tweet This)

25% of Fortune 500 brands are on Instagram. (Tweet This)

Thanksgiving drives the most traffic to Instagram. (Tweet This)

98% of Instagram photos posted by brands are also shared to Facebook. (Tweet This)

Instagram users share about 60 million photos per day. (Tweet This)

Instagram photos with faces get a 35% increase in comments than those without. (Tweet This)

Instagram photos with blue as the dominant color get 24% more likes than those with high concentrations of red and orange. (Tweet This)

57% of the top brand marketers are averaging at least one post a week. (Tweet This)

71% of the world’s top brands are on Instagram. (Tweet This)

Instagram is more popular than Twitter for smartphone users in the US, projected to rise to 40.5 million users by the end of the year. (Tweet This)

In just four short years, Instagram has become a social powerhouse. And with visual marketing now a top daily priority, the $1 billion Facebook paid is beginning to look like a steal. Learn how brands are working with Chute to use Instagram to its fullest potential here, and join the conversation with #VisualRevolution.

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How is Edelman handling the emergence of sponsored content? During the Visual Revolution Summit Steve Rubel, Chief Content Strategist at Edelman, went over why sponsored advertising is effective and important, the types, and the uncertainties that both brands and publishers are dealing with.

Watch the video above and join the conversation on Twitter with #VisualRevolution.

Also, read more about sponsored content in Edelman’s Sponsored Content Report here.

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Today, visual content has become a top priority for publishers. During our Visual Revolution CMO Salon at SXSW, Matt Eby shared The Weather Channel’s adoption of online video, going from 0 original videos created per day in 2012 to 30 original videos created per day in 2014. And with many publishers re-designing websites to be more visual-focused, the importance of photos and videos has become clear. But why are visual media so important? We’ve got the stats below in our latest infographic!

Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below: how is your company handling the need for more visuals? And learn more about Chute’s work with media, here.

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We all know that social engagement drives sales, but the question many retailers have is how to get your customers to join in on these conversations. Already, people are taking billions of photos every week.

The trick is figuring out how to be a part of those visual stories and engage with those creators. In our latest In Focus vlog, Chute CEO Ranvir Gujral goes over 3 tips for fostering a culture of contribution among fans and customers to drive retail sales.

To continue the conversation around social commerce, find us on Twitter, and learn about the Chute Commerce solution here.

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Chute is headed to NAB Las Vegas next week, and we’d love to meet!

Chute helps broadcasters tell better stories using visual media. Our platform makes it possible to discover, organize, obtain consent and publish fan photos and videos at every viewer touch point. You can learn more about Chute’s work with the media here. Because of this work, we are one of 27 startups selected to be a part of SPROCKIT 2014, a year-round program that spotlights disruptive startups in media and entertainment.

Here’s where you’ll find us at NAB:

Monday, April 7-Wednesday, April 9
Booth C2455-N1

Tuesday, April 8
SPROCKIT On-stage Demo
3:30 p.m.
Chute Co-founder and CTO Gregarious Narain will be giving an on-stage in the SPROCKIT Hub of Chute’s capabilities and will answer questions from attendees.

Please drop by and say hello! If you’d like to schedule a 1:1 meeting with us, shoot us an email at or use the NAB Map Your Show tool.

And, if you haven’t already registered for NAB, use this code to register for a free exhibit pass: LV7947.

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Visual Revolution CMO Salon @ SXSW

With David Berkowitz (CMO, MRY), Matthew Anderson (CMO, Roku), and Matt Eby (VP of Marketing, The Weather Channel)

What are the benefits of streaming TV for a brand? Should real-time marketing really be a focus? And how are big broadcasters like The Weather Channel handling both? At SXSW, Ranvir Gujral (CEO, Chute) sat down with David Berkowitz (CMO, MRY), Matthew Anderson (CMO, Roku), Matt Eby (VP of Marketing, The Weather Channel) at the Samsung Blogger Lounge to discuss the current focuses and needs for today’s CMO. Check out the video above and join the conversation on Twitter with #VisualRevolution.

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The Future of Content Marketing

According to BuzzFeed and Condé Nast

During the Visual Revolution Summit, we interviewed Raman Kia (Executive Director of Integrated Content at Condé Nast) and Jonathan Perelman (GM of Video & VP Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed) to get their thoughts on what the future of content marketing has in store for brands. The two publishing leaders didn’t actually differ that much in their view of what brands should be doing – creating compelling content that actually sparks people’s interest.

Watch the full video above and let us know on Twitter what your favorite piece of content marketing has been lately. As for whether Raman and Jonathan will be getting their own talk show? We can only hope.

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